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ASTD ICE 2009 – Impressions

I’ll confess that I may not have been at the ASTD conference every day this past week, but I do have some impressions of the event I’d like to share.  I was pleasantly surprised at the large turn-out (unofficial estimates are somewhere around 8,000), which was comprised of a large contingent of international attendees and probably a good amount of people networking for a job. This was my first visit to ICE since the DotCom Era. I sensed some of the same vibrancy of those heady days when eLearning exhibits reached several stories high. Yes, the eLearning folks are getting their swagger back, especially newcomers like Citrix’s “GoToTraining Beta.” That’s right, you might start seeing trainers chain-sawing their flip charts on new TV commercials. I was a little disappointed that ASTD decision makers, whoever you are, did not put the eLearning vendors together. It would be nice next year if post-secondary education booths targeting unemployed trainers also had their own little section. Read more…

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Attending the ASTD National Conference in DC

The ASTD ICE Conference from May 31- June 3rd in Washington DC will be the training and development event of the year. There is still time to register and receive both low-fare tickets and reasonable accommodations if you use Priceline and the subway system. Based on my personal poll of those attending the workshop on game and learning object design presented by myself and Joe Rheaume, I would estimate that attendance numbers are stronger on a percentage basis compared with the ASTD Technology Conference this past January. Yes, optimism in the spring air! A nice option on the conference website is the ability to develop your own personal schedule. Here are the people and events I found most interesting: Read more…

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ASTD TechKnowledge Comments

February 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Did the first eLearning Conference of 2009 suffer the same fate as the consumer electronics show in December? Were the numbers down?I asked the conference administrators several times what the attendance numbers were at the annual TechKnowledge conference held last week at the Las Vegas Rio Convention Center. The answer was repeatedly a suspicious “We don’t know yet.” My favorite part of the conference? Tony Karrer’s keynote speech on day two. Read more…

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